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About This Course

Do you find it a challenge to get ideas and explorations out of your head and into the physical world? As the saying goes “Ideas are a dime a dozen, people who implement them are priceless”.


Join design educator Sharina Khan and certified management consultant Yulia Saksen as they unpack the techniques to translate your ideas into quick tangible forms and test your ideas quickly and cheaply to gather constructive feedback.


Through this masterclass, you will be guided through practical examples and interactive activities on how you can connect with your users and shape successful solutions. Learn ways to use the FingerStorm technique to help your business stay relevant to the rapidly changing needs and expectations of your customers in our present world today.


Key Takeaways of this Masterclass includes:

  • Understanding the FingerStorming technique
  • Mastering quick prototyping techniques for effective communication
  • Gaining insight on how to empathise effectively with your users and how to generate ideas through making?
  • Designing tests to gather holistic and constructive feedback for your ideas


Who is this workshop for?

  • Professionals involved in product development, marketing and change management
  • Business owners looking for a major edge in increasingly competitive markets
  • Entrepreneurs who wants to know how to create a strong brand foundation


Note: Our course schedule for 2021 has not been confirmed. If you are interested in attending this course, please indicate your interest by clicking the register button below and filling up the form with your particulars. We will get back to you as soon as possible when the course details have been finalised.


Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning.

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