Design Thinking

The C-Academy Design Thinking Workshop is a proven and repeatable method for solving problems, unleashing creativity and testing ideas. It equips you with the knowledge of enhancing your brand experience and developing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of your customers.


Every day, your customers are embarking on a journey with your brand and products. As the saying goes, “Put yourself in someone’s shoes, and see how it feels”. Indeed, the best and most straightforward way to learn about your customers is to understand and empathise with their perspectives, actions and point of view!

Our Methodology

Design Thinking first defines the problem and then implements the solutions, always with the needs of the target audience at the core of concept development.


This method consists of the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Empathise

Before creating anything, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer. What do they like and dislike? How satisfied were they after interacting with the products? In this step, we work to fully understand the experience of the target audience. This is done via observation, interaction, and immersing yourself in their experiences.

Step 2: Ideate

Is the first idea you come up with the best solution? It might be, but most great ideas are a result of many little ideas generated over time. Process your findings and generate a large quantity of possible solutions by stepping beyond the obvious and exploring diverse ideas.

Step 3: Test

After coming up with various ideas, put them to the test! Build low-resolution prototypes and test them out. Use observations and feedback to refine the prototypes, learn more about the use, and refine your original point of view. Design Thinking is a close-loop method where you can continue to learn and improve upon your initial ideas.

The C-Academy corporate Design Thinking Workshop will immerse learners in the method of Design Thinking, where they solve problem statements tailored to the objectives of the organisation.


Learners get to participate in a highly engaging and collaborative environment through interactive lectures, group activities and class discussions. They will also receive a handy Design Thinking Toolkit co-developed by C-Academy and Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS), which will aid them during the workshop and in future projects.

Learners who go through the C-Academy Design Thinking Workshop Program will benefit from the following learning outcomes:

  • Learn the systematic method to solve problems, unleash creativity and test ideas.
  • Learn how to deep dive problems to identify underlying and latent challenges/ needs to solve.
  • Learn how to generate ideas quickly and freely.
  • Gain the ability to frame problems differently to find breakthrough solutions.

Our Clients

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