C-Academy is an educational and research institution that provides organisations and individuals with the knowledge and tools to develop their own creative strengths. We are part of Creativeans, an interdisciplinary creative consultancy based in Singapore, Milan and Jakarta.

We believe everyone can be creative.

Top 3 Skills in 2020

1. Complex Problem Solving


The skill to see relationships
between industries and craft
creative solutions to problems that
are yet to appear is a must to
keep up with AI machines

2. Critical Thinking


People who can turn data into
insightful interpretations will be
sought after due to the complexity
and interconnectedness of various
fields like computer science,
engineering, and biology

3. Creativity


The quality of randomness and
ability to build something out of
ideas is a skill that will pay off now
and in the future


Certified Consultants

As practising consultants and creatives working across diverse industries, we are experts in our trade and we bring the industry’s best practises to our learners.

ACTA Instructors

Our programmes are designed to be highly interactive and engaging. We believe people learn best when they learn by doing.

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